Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vintage cane chairs get a makeover!

Yikes. Another 3 weeks have gone by since my last post! But these three weeks have been eventful. More to come on all that. Right now, I just have to give you a glimpse of my latest project! It's been a big one. Multiple trips to Home Depot (sometimes in a day). Lots of elbow grease (and hopefully more defined arms!!) And even some casualties. Like our deck. And a lawn chair. But it's been worth it! 
Untitled 16

I found these chairs (which came with an amazing octogon side table) at a little, hole-in-the-wall garage shop off the side of the highway. All three pieces were in pretty stinky condition. But with a price tag of $50 for the set, I couldn't resist.

It's been a labor of love. But I'm on the home stretch now. All I need to do is decide on fabric and have these beauties recovered. Of course, making a decision on fabric could take me months. I've already gone back and forth. And back and forth.
Untitled 15

Help! All suggestions are welcome!
At the moment I'm leaning towards keeping them light and neutral.
Like these.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LOST AND a new FOUND treasure

How has it been an entire month since my last post? Things around our house have been nutty. Too much happening all at the same time. And since giving birth, I've completely lost my ability to multi-task (translated means I've been nutty too.) Organization, I'll make you a part of my life one day. One sweet day.

But time has flown. I feel like it was just spring break week on MTV.  (I did not watch spring break week on MTV. Do they still do that?) While you've been productive in blog land, I've been lost in a cluttered mind.  I've missed you lovelies!

I'm excited for today's post! You know by now that I'm a sucker for anything DIY. And it's a lucky day for us, ladies, because the talented Anna of A Newfound Treasure, stops by to spill her to-DIY-for tips on how to create a look for less, do it yourself Dorothy Draper duo of chests.

Enjoy! And don't forget to stop by Anna's blog where you'll find more tricks, time-savers...and of course, treasures. You're welcome.

Hey y'all! I'm Anna from A Newfound Treasure, and today, I am sharing about my latest Ikea hacks. I have admired the Dorothy Draper chests for years and knew that the DIYs I'd seen online were perfect for our bedroom nightstands!

I started with 2 Ikea Rast chests and painted them in Rustoleum's oil-based glossy black paint.
I then used painters tape to section off where each gold inlay design would go. (This part took forever!) Once my rectangular boxes were all taped up, I got to painting. I used Liquidtex's iridescent rich gold (heavy body) acrylic paint. It took a few coats, for sure!

I free-handed the rounded corners. 

Next, I replaced the old wooden knobs with these gold ring pulls. And voila!

Lastly, I sealed up the dressers with a coat of polyurethane. Now, they are nearly indestructible! I should've done another coat of the gold paint, but I got excited. You can see where it's a little patchy in places if you look closely. They aren't perfect, but I am very satisfied with my looks for less.

What do you think??

[Please excuse the humidor and ugly cords in my pictures… this is real life, people!]
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