Thursday, June 23, 2011

happy color

i love typography.  and i love happy color.  don't you think this is a splendid combination of both?  they're on sale through zulilly today and i might just have to order them for max's room.  love love love. an ode to helvetica by modern pop is on my list!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get creative

Creative Connections USA is a new social meet-up for fabulous female creatives... just like your sweet selves.  Although they meet once a month in LA to join forces/support/encourage/learn from one another - you and I can be there in spirit! Join me in joining them and let's see if we can persuade the powers that be to expand into more cities!  (Dallas, please!!!)  

Now, after you visit their facebook page (and "like" them, of course) watch this video they so kindly provided for our encouragement!  Thanks Creative Connections USA!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's crafty...

Crafters, creatives and anyone looking for some good finds for that next DIY project...clear your calendars for this Saturday - Etsy Dallas presents Supplies Me!  What is that, you ask?  Well forgive me for simply cutting and pasting from their blog, but I took my toddler to the spray park today and I'm exhausted from triple digit heat, fire ant bites (three of them, to be exact...) and a wonderland of mud thanks to last night's downpour. Note to self - the next time I wince in pain from yet another fire ant bite, wiping unsightly amounts of sweat off my face and back while simultaneously seeing Max smile at me from across the shooting water cannons, covered in grass clippings, mud and possibly the left overs of a chicken mcnugget he discovered on the ground  - not to mention a mouthful of mud he thought looked yummy, it's time to throw in the towel and call it a day.

I digress. 

Straight from Etsy Dallas's blog - see below for more info on Supplies Me!
Supplies Me! Art + Craft Supply Sale is less than a week away! In addition to offering our crafty supply goodness to the public for sale, this event is a chance for our Etsy Dallas members to collect supplies and raise money for a good cause. Again, this year our charity of choice is Captain Hope's Kids .   "Captain Hope’s Kids has one goal in mind, to help those who cannot help themselves, children. Through the collection of donations, supplies and fundraisers, we intend to give homeless children their best chance at living a normal life." ( From the CHK website.)  Last year we collected over 10 bags of quality art and craft supplies from our members and donated over $200. You can read more about last year's event here. In response to the news that we were repeating the event this year, Brad Boss, CHK Program Director wrote, "The items donated last year were wonderful and the groups we gave them to loved them! I can't wait to see this year's result."
I'll be there!  Will you? 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

currently loving...

I'm loving this Spellbound Maxi Dress by Mara Hoffman available at Anthropologie. I imagine the corset top and full skirt would flatter the majority of figures - even those with post-baby squishy mid sections like mine.  Oh I wish I had an excuse to splurge on this little lovely.  Would I be too overdressed for a popcorn/reeces pieces movie night at home with my boys?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

joss & main

photo courtesy of shine co.
photo courtesy of baxton studios
I know what keeps you up at night.  It's okay, you can admit it. You're thinking about what most of us are lying awake thinking about...the biggest "what if?" there is for a design loving gal.  What if One King's Lane and Elle Decor had a steamy one-nighter and they produced a love child.  
Although Joss & Main wasn't conceived from a scandalous one-night-stand, you could have fooled me.  At first glance I think I may like this daily design deal site slightly more than OKL.  Gasp!  I know.  I said it.  I have high hopes for you, Joss & Main - and I have a feeling you won't let me down.  In fact, you may knock my socks off.  
Do do do sign up! Membership is free and the goods are up to 70% off retail prices...if you get while the gettin's good.  All sales start at 10 AM CST and inventory is on a first come first served basis.  Click on the link below to sign up!!!  Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

care to join me on the bandwagon?

i love discovering new blogs.  it's truly like finding jewelry you've misplaced, tucked away in that clutch you haven't carried since september.  but once you explore said-newfound-blog and you discover it's pure, delightful loveliness?  well, that my friends, is like finding a $20 alongside the jewelry you misplaced in the clutch that you haven't carried since last september.

my gift to you today is (yes, you guessed it) the $20, the jewelry and a reminder to carry that clutch more often.

i knew i would adore this blog from the moment i read the title, abode love: a man's home is his wife's castle.

below is a sample of photos from a recent post that gets me all sorts of inspired to search pinterest and polyvore by color!  care to join me on the green/teal bandwagon? 

do Do DO visit this new favorite daily read of mine.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

splendid before and after

I've told you about Emily, my dear friend and HBG (Head Blogging Gawdess) of Recently.  Check out these before and after photos of her book shelf.  Some paint and creativity was all she needed to transform this white space into what now is more than likely, the focal point of her den. 

Nice job, Em - and thanks for the inspiration!

For more photos (and more Recently) check out her blog!

currently reading...

Photo courtesy of All the Best Blog via Summer Thornton Designs
All the Best Blog (and List!)

Design inspiration comes from many places.  99% of the time, I get mine from images - lovely photos of lovely things.  Don't be fooled by my last post - I don't get my kicks from books...unless of course, it's a beautiful hardback to display in my home.  Sure, I read for other reasons, but not for ideas on what to do with that annoying empty space in my kitchen or how to wear that high-waisted skirt.  Until now, that is.  All the Best Blog, founded by Rhonda Carman, has me hanging on her every word.  With Q & A's from well-known designers like Jonathan Adler, Summer Thornton and Kelly Wearstler, you'll stay up reading well past your bedtime.  Who says nothing good happens past midnight?
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