Saturday, July 30, 2011

splendidly charming

100 Hundred Reasons
to Uncomplicate Your Life
by Live the Charmed Life 
Thank you, Hidden List, for introducing me to Live the Charmed Life. It's an ode to slow, a thesis for recess, a mission statement to woo the complacent, publicity for the return of simplicity and an invitation to lessen frustration.

After soaking up some charmed wisdom, I felt encouraged to put their advice into action. Which brings me to a confession.  I don't at all feel lazy or like a phony for downloading the incredibly brilliant rhyming app that helped me craft my (insert extreme sarcasm)  a m a z i n g  poetry above - as opposed to driving myself crazy and potentially damaging my brain, writing down every word I can think of that rhymes with mission statement.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the coolest school bus in dallas

The Vintagemobile. I stumbled across this splendid concept shop today as I was scouring the web for fun Dallas finds. Mission accomplished. Ebay, dear friend, I may have just found someone else. I'll let you know after our date this weekend.

Okay, fine. I don't have a hot date. Calm down. But I am going to The Belmont this weekend to check out this fine automobile filled with vintage loot galore. Maybe, just maybe, it will scratch that itch that's been itching since '05 when I moved home from CA. I lived right off Melrose and Fairfax - home to the best flea market in Los Angeles. Ever since coming back to Texas, I try to recreate my weekend morning ritual of vintage consisted of walking one block down the street, paying $2 for admittance (and for an inky green star stamped on my hand) grabbing some much needed coffee, listening to an indie folk band and reveling in a couple hours of amazing one of a kind finds. 

Might the Vintagemobile be just the scratch I've been missing? My hopes are high. 

So what exactly is The Vintagemobile? I'll let owners, Kelsey and Scott, tell you, in their own words, about this genius and oh-so-brilliant idea of theirs...

it is a 1980 former school bus turned green-vintage-boutique. it will be located at the belmont hotel in dallas, right next to SMOKE every weekend. just look for the giant green bus with the giantly tall man running it. his name is jeremy and he is probably the nicest person you will meet. and i might be there too...and i am kelsey. hi!

you will find tons of hand picked treasures ranging from...1950's cowboys boots, rad tour shirts, mad men style dresses, killer purses and belts, knick knack by the likes you have never seen and a hundred of other things that might blow your mind. please be cautious.

If my husband is with me, you can bet I'll be cautious.  If it's just me and Max Man, then in the words of Austin Powers, "Danger is my middle name."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Kings Lane - 50% off!

If you haven't bought Groupon's outstanding deal for One Kings Lane, click here and get $60 worth of OKL goods for only $30! Half off...not too shabby!

Monday, July 18, 2011

blogger spotlight: Recently

Rise and shine! Oh, and welcome my dear friend and editor of Recently to the spotlight!  Enjoy!

Hello Along Came Splendor lovers!  You gals and guys are very lucky because you’re reading the blog of one gifted lady and my friend for life, Jenny.  This beautiful woman not only has a heart of gold, she has more talent in her left pinky than some have in their entire body.  I’ve been lucky enough to call her friend ever since our ridiculously fun college years and throughout this crazy journey we call adulthood.  Although, I’ll say I never feel like much of an adult when we get together.  We have too much fun!
So, when Jen came to me with this perfect idea for a series, of course I jumped at the chance to share.  I hope you enjoy!

on your playlist:  The Avett Brothers, Bon Iver,  old school rap that shall remain nameless, Mumford & Sons, David Gray, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Need to Breathe, Ray Lamontagne, Adelle, STP, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond

beside your bed: a stack of books that I want to read but haven’t had time

in your purse: wallet, lip gloss, diapers, wipes, Cheerios, bottles, baby toys (did I mention my purse is a diaper bag?) 

on your nails
: a dark pink by OPI, don’t remember the name but it’s very summery!

in your fridge: sparkling water, whole wheat tortillas, rice milk, skim milk, yogurt, organic fruit and veggies (not enough though!), shredded cheese, olives, spinach, salad dressing, and chocolate chips (I always have them on hand for cookies and I have a weird thing about keeping them cold!) 

on your to-do list: Laundry. Always.

       current state of mind:  content and fearless

what do you hope to pass onto your children: I want my
children to know that God is the only source for true 
contentment and that their attitude about life will shape their happiness.

spot for a steal: Ebay baby!

window-shopping: First Dibs

most marked characteristic: Physical- my freckles. Personality- I wear my heart on my sleeve (too much in my opinion.)

1 thing few people know about you: I’ve perfected the art of the Riverdance.  Not really, but I like to pretend.

your "it" design color of the moment
:   PINK!  I’ve never been much of a pink girl, but man is it growing on me.

nicknames for kids: boo bear, bubba, buzz buzz, sweet pea, goober, buddy, tough guy

favorite tv mom: Right now- Gloria from Modern Family.  In the past- She-Ra Princess of Power (I’m sure she became a mom at some point!)

 dreaming of:  becoming a published writer

your de-stress recipe: wine, popcorn and a chick flick.  Preferably the original Twilight (ugh, I know) or Pride and Prejudice.  And, when I can, Yoga.

your ideal evening: Dinner and drinks with my husband and close friends, followed by an intimate gathering on a patio somewhere, sharing stories until the wee hours.  When we’re home my ideal evening consists of a movie and popcorn with my boys.

beverage of choice:  Coffee, iced tea (unsweetened) or, at the moment, greyhounds (vodka and grapefruit juice.)

most overused word or phrase: Love it! and Fabulous

biggest source of inspiration:  My girlfriends and sisters.  They are all amazing women and mothers who inspire me to chase my dreams and create a home of love for my husband and children.

5 words that describe you: compassionate, emotional, dreamer, feisty, loyal.

favorite design blog
: Tough one!  I absolutely love Caitlin Wilson’s design style and her blog  is definitely on my blog crush list.
 coffee table book: I have a vintage Cezanne art book that I love, but don’t have it on my coffee table for fear of a baby mauling!
favorite quote:  “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”  It reminds me that happiness is not something we strive for, but something that’s available every day.  It’s up to us to find it.

Jen, thank you so much for having me.  This is such a great idea for a series and I can’t wait to see all the answers from lots of talented ladies!

PS- If you ever get the chance, request that Jenny do her “lounge singer” act for you.  You can thank me later!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

too cool for school

Recent blog post from YouPlusDallas: Park Cities

Before we know it, little brainiacs everywhere will be heading back to school, leaving Mom with a little extra time on her hands.  Oh my, my, my…however will she spend it?  Might we suggest by getting a head start on updating your cool-weather-wardrobe? Just in time to shop the Autumn 2011 collection, Stella McCartney will  soon be opening the doors to her new, Highland Park Village diggs.  And fashionistas all over Dallas are giddy with anticipation. Here’s to hoping her kids line will be coming along for the ride.  Of course, considering that my toddler, Max, has recently decided that wearing clothes is no longer his thing…it might be wise of me to splurge on something for myself, instead. Come on, can you really blame the little guy? It’s hot out, right? Right?
So get ready, you stylish socialites. In just a few short months, label lovers with a particular fondness for Stella’s take on cutting-edge fashion, can delight over the eye candy she’ll be bringing to Big D, proving yet again, that Dallas is a designer shopping destination.  Yee-haw!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy color - no word wednesday

color theory by Flickr / thinkspace via CMV2




From livingsims.n

Saturday, July 2, 2011

blogger spotlight - along came splendor

Today, the spotlight is on me. But who knows...tomorrow it could be you. Oh come on, it's fun! Email me at if you're craving some time in the spotlight!

name: jenny  blog: along came splendor hometown: dallas, tx room-mates: my husband, carmen, and our son, max. oh and dolly, our dog that we sometimes forget we have 

most treasured treasure: my mom’s old record collection of classic rock, folk and old soul from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. she gave me everything but the barry manilow records 

favorite tv mom: was lucille ball a mom? not that she's my favorite but i seem to get myself into the same ridiculous situations she always found herself in 

spot for a steal: estate sales and online designer discount daily deals 

window-shop: barney's or calypso 

dreaming of: a tropical vacation 

my “it” design color of the moment: yellow or kelly green 

current state of mind: creative, which leads to grateful, as well 

favorite quote: ”save the drama for your mama” but of course, i rarely do.

drink of choice
: iced tea for a non-alcoholic beverage and a glass of sauvignon blanc for something with a kick 

my ideal evening: a night in with my husband and son - laughing, being silly and enjoying a good meal. for a night out - a good meal and good company 

1 thing few people know about me: i’d say that i sucked my thumb well into elementary school but that’s just embarrassing. so...let’s go with...i was in a lifetime movie. also embarrassing, I guess 

recipe for relaxation: sitting on my back porch under the lantern tree-lights after max goes to bed with a glass of wine, either talking to God, a beloved friend or listening to music on my iphone. peaceful. 

coffee table book:
 anything by kelly wearstler

biggest source of inspiration: creative women with enough confidence to put themselves out there - be it thoughts, words or their own creations. i get so inspired reading other blogs. always amazed at how talented you women are! 

5 words that describe me: optimistic, forgetful, silly, playful, devoted, loving, fun...that’s more than 5 

favorite design blog: oh, i can’t even list them all! definitely the must-reads I’ve put on my blog. plus about 50 others. add indecisive to the question above 

most marked characteristic: expressive. and maybe dramatic. but not in a crazy, flip-out kind of way like when kelly kapowski took too many caffeine pills 

what i hope to pass onto my children: a joyous love and longing for Christ, and after that, confidence in who God made them to be 

nicknames for kids: we call max all sort of things - buddy roe, puddin, little man, silly goose

on my nails: pale yellow 

beside my bed: my Bible and journal 

in the fridge: berries, apples, nectarines, mango, oranges, veggies, CHEESE, hebrew national hot dogs, ground coffee, flavored creamer, pickles 

on my play list: my morning jacket, michael jackson, neil young, bob dylan, U2, black keys, stevie nicks, mumford & sons, kol, al green, billy joel, talking heads, neil diamond, otis redding, vampire weekend, willy nelson 

in my handbag: make-up, iphone, wallet, lip balm, deodorant (it’s hot out) and a notepad/pen to jot down ideas 

on my to-do list: blog!

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