Thursday, March 11, 2010

nursery art project

i saw this art featured on jessica mcintyre interior's design blog and wanted it immediately. jessica mentioned hanging the art in a child's room or nursery. this sounded very sweet to me - i immediately began thinking about how i'd pay for it (it was a wee bit out of my price range given everything i'd already purchased for the nursery). then i had a (rare) moment of creativity and wondered if i could re-create something similar to this myself! realizing i wouldn't be able to find reclaimed wood like the piece used in the photo, i had to make some alterations. it pales in comparrison to the piece that inspired me - but it does make me happy knowing it's my own little art project made especially for the new love of my life.
having married into an italian family, i thought it might be fun to take the phrase and translate it into italian. i took only the phrase "you make me happy when skies are gray" and ordered a stencil of it from just stencils. i chose orange and white to accent the colors i'm using in the room. i plan on trimming the white space down a bit and framing it. below is a picture of our semi-finished nursery - the art is hanging in the far right hand corner. more pictures to come soon!


  1. The nursery you are designing is truly gorgeous. Lucky baby to get it (although you may have already guessed that the other mamas will be cooing over it more than your own little one). ;-)

  2. Why thank you! It's been such a delight to put everything together - a fun way to scratch my creative itch and prepare for Baby! :)


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