Saturday, July 2, 2011

blogger spotlight - along came splendor

Today, the spotlight is on me. But who knows...tomorrow it could be you. Oh come on, it's fun! Email me at if you're craving some time in the spotlight!

name: jenny  blog: along came splendor hometown: dallas, tx room-mates: my husband, carmen, and our son, max. oh and dolly, our dog that we sometimes forget we have 

most treasured treasure: my mom’s old record collection of classic rock, folk and old soul from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. she gave me everything but the barry manilow records 

favorite tv mom: was lucille ball a mom? not that she's my favorite but i seem to get myself into the same ridiculous situations she always found herself in 

spot for a steal: estate sales and online designer discount daily deals 

window-shop: barney's or calypso 

dreaming of: a tropical vacation 

my “it” design color of the moment: yellow or kelly green 

current state of mind: creative, which leads to grateful, as well 

favorite quote: ”save the drama for your mama” but of course, i rarely do.

drink of choice
: iced tea for a non-alcoholic beverage and a glass of sauvignon blanc for something with a kick 

my ideal evening: a night in with my husband and son - laughing, being silly and enjoying a good meal. for a night out - a good meal and good company 

1 thing few people know about me: i’d say that i sucked my thumb well into elementary school but that’s just embarrassing. so...let’s go with...i was in a lifetime movie. also embarrassing, I guess 

recipe for relaxation: sitting on my back porch under the lantern tree-lights after max goes to bed with a glass of wine, either talking to God, a beloved friend or listening to music on my iphone. peaceful. 

coffee table book:
 anything by kelly wearstler

biggest source of inspiration: creative women with enough confidence to put themselves out there - be it thoughts, words or their own creations. i get so inspired reading other blogs. always amazed at how talented you women are! 

5 words that describe me: optimistic, forgetful, silly, playful, devoted, loving, fun...that’s more than 5 

favorite design blog: oh, i can’t even list them all! definitely the must-reads I’ve put on my blog. plus about 50 others. add indecisive to the question above 

most marked characteristic: expressive. and maybe dramatic. but not in a crazy, flip-out kind of way like when kelly kapowski took too many caffeine pills 

what i hope to pass onto my children: a joyous love and longing for Christ, and after that, confidence in who God made them to be 

nicknames for kids: we call max all sort of things - buddy roe, puddin, little man, silly goose

on my nails: pale yellow 

beside my bed: my Bible and journal 

in the fridge: berries, apples, nectarines, mango, oranges, veggies, CHEESE, hebrew national hot dogs, ground coffee, flavored creamer, pickles 

on my play list: my morning jacket, michael jackson, neil young, bob dylan, U2, black keys, stevie nicks, mumford & sons, kol, al green, billy joel, talking heads, neil diamond, otis redding, vampire weekend, willy nelson 

in my handbag: make-up, iphone, wallet, lip balm, deodorant (it’s hot out) and a notepad/pen to jot down ideas 

on my to-do list: blog!


  1. Have you tried the yellow nail polish? I've been wanting to :) Hope you are having a "bright" summer!

  2. I absolutely love this! How did you do it?!

  3. Jess and Jennifer - forgive me for such a late reply! Strep invaded our home last week and we're just now getting life back to normal.
    Jennifer...yes and I love it! I'll admit - I had to get up a little confidence to go with such a bold color on my nails...usually I stick with neutrals but this has been fun for summer. BTW, we've got to schedule a coffee!
    Jess - I changed the format a little bit but before I had a collage made on and I formatted the rest with pages, an apple app. It's been so fun to learn a little graphic design as I go!


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