Wednesday, April 28, 2010

take a hiatus with me

tomorrow my husband and i will welcome the arrival of our son. considering the next month or so will probably be a blur for me - i suspect i'll be taking a little hiatus from blogging. or if i do attempt to blog, i ask in advance for a. your forgiveness and b. for you to immediately disregard it. i will be sleep deprived and probably crazy.
so...while i'm taking my little hiatus - i suggest you take one as well. hiatus spa and retreat, that is...voted best spa in dallas in 2009 by citysearch. what better way to prepare yourself for swimsuit season with the hiatus steam retreat. "after a head-to-toe scrub, the entire body is enclosed in the oh-so-enjoyable aromatic steam canopy for relaxation and detoxification, complete with a 10-minute rainfall from our vichy shower. emerge with intensely moisturized, glowing skin." - need i say more? happy hiatus!

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