Wednesday, May 18, 2011

splendor in the grass

this photo makes me happy.  it also encourages me to continue working on a spirit of gratitude.  it's so easy to focus on the negative and lose contentment. someone else's grass will always be greener, bigger, prettier more together, less of a mess, more disciplined, less lazy, wealthier, in better shape - i'll stop here because this list is long.  but when i see this photo of my son and husband, i'm reminded that God has placed some amazingly green grass in my very own yard.  today i choose to be thankful for what he's given me...his word, a healthy child, a husband who cleans the house, a healthy marriage strengthened (not shattered) by hard times, a soft bed, loving parents, siblings and in-laws...and the most amazing friends a girl could pray for.  oh and four days in destin with a few of them - starting tomorrow. 

1 comment:

  1. Mmm. Very good thoughts. I think you've inspired me to write out my own list thanks...


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