Thursday, July 21, 2011

the coolest school bus in dallas

The Vintagemobile. I stumbled across this splendid concept shop today as I was scouring the web for fun Dallas finds. Mission accomplished. Ebay, dear friend, I may have just found someone else. I'll let you know after our date this weekend.

Okay, fine. I don't have a hot date. Calm down. But I am going to The Belmont this weekend to check out this fine automobile filled with vintage loot galore. Maybe, just maybe, it will scratch that itch that's been itching since '05 when I moved home from CA. I lived right off Melrose and Fairfax - home to the best flea market in Los Angeles. Ever since coming back to Texas, I try to recreate my weekend morning ritual of vintage consisted of walking one block down the street, paying $2 for admittance (and for an inky green star stamped on my hand) grabbing some much needed coffee, listening to an indie folk band and reveling in a couple hours of amazing one of a kind finds. 

Might the Vintagemobile be just the scratch I've been missing? My hopes are high. 

So what exactly is The Vintagemobile? I'll let owners, Kelsey and Scott, tell you, in their own words, about this genius and oh-so-brilliant idea of theirs...

it is a 1980 former school bus turned green-vintage-boutique. it will be located at the belmont hotel in dallas, right next to SMOKE every weekend. just look for the giant green bus with the giantly tall man running it. his name is jeremy and he is probably the nicest person you will meet. and i might be there too...and i am kelsey. hi!

you will find tons of hand picked treasures ranging from...1950's cowboys boots, rad tour shirts, mad men style dresses, killer purses and belts, knick knack by the likes you have never seen and a hundred of other things that might blow your mind. please be cautious.

If my husband is with me, you can bet I'll be cautious.  If it's just me and Max Man, then in the words of Austin Powers, "Danger is my middle name."


  1. Love this! I had a similar idea too - there just aren't enough vintage stores in cities outside of LA or NY!
    {mommy chic} design. style. kids. life.

  2. Do you think we'll have it in us to go before I leave next Saturday?!?


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