Friday, July 1, 2011

it's all in the details

any time i get my hands on an issue of vanity fair, the first thing i do is flip to the back to read the q & a with a person of note. it's fascinating to get a sneak peak into their lives and hear in their own words, who they are.  so...drum roll please...i'm inspired to bring you every week or two, the inner-workings i think it's high time we all learn a little bit more about each other. "blogger spotlight" will give you a behind the scenes look at fabulous, bold women who share the same, crazy affection for words and images just like you.  i've already asked one delightful blog friend (and amazing friend in real life) to share a little bit about herself. and i'll do the same with you. do you want to spread your love (and oh-so-lovely details about your talented life) around???  we would love that! comment or email me and let me know you're interested in being profiled. because we all need a little inspiration.  and you, my friends, are inspirational.

now of course, i wouldn't ask you to bare all without putting myself out there, too.  so, stay tuned for blogger spotlight - along came splendor.

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