Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deals from Durbin today on Joss & Main

Venti Cup's Joss & Main Curator's Collection Starts Today!

Franki Durbin, Dallas dweller and owner of Franki Durbin Designs,  is featured on Joss & Main's Curator Collection today. The theme? Livable Glamour. The look? Luxurious, effortless, elegant, and classically stylish.

Download on Durbin
Founder of Life in a Venti Cup, and little sister site, Life in a Sippy Cup, Durbin gives style minded parents, like herself, better options for growing families. The arrival of her daughter opened her eyes to a serious lack of luxe, livable and stylish spaces for little ones. She's focused on this niche ever since...and as a mom, I say, "Thank you, Franki!"

Back me up here, moms. If I see one more teddy bear/puppy dog/pretty princess - or character from {insert pre-school show here} themed-decor, I might cry. And that's why I want to give Durbin a high-five.

Check out her favorite Joss & Main pieces today!

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