Friday, February 3, 2012

chalk it up

The last time I saw my china was right before Mister and I got married. Almost 5 years ago. Poor china. Oh how I loved you, all simple and sweet with your delicate silver, paisley detailing and promises of grand dinner soirees. Me in heels, a stunning dress, no wrinkles on my face, no splattered tomato puree on my satin hostess apron. Oh and polished nails. My guests? In awe over the centerpiece, the delectable food, the gorgeous table settings...and the hostess. "How does she do it?" they all wonder.

Wait, hold on. I'm about to get to the point. 

Let's be honest... a. I don't prepare meals in heels  b. I need botox  c. I don't own a satin hostess apron  d. my nails look like they got attacked by a blender.  e. dinner soirees at our home look more like kabobs on the grill/beer in the fridge/and football on the tv. Oh and f. no one wonders how I do it...they wonder what that plastic Elmo magnet is doing in their coleslaw.

But hey...I'm okay with that. Fortunately for me, there's Chalkboard China. I was introduced to this Dallas based (and functionally fabulous) line of chalk-friendly tableware earlier this week. And I'm hooked. It meets me halfway in between exquisite china and chinet. My favorite is the carafe. How clever. And chic! I'd love to have a few of these out on display for my next get together at the house, each filled with a different wine and creatively labeled with the help of a little white chalk. And the wine glasses to go with them, of course. Forget putting a little charm around the stem...chalk is much cooler.

Whether you're like me (and have all your china in storage) or you're the hostess with the most-est, Chalkboard China works for occasions (and hostesses) of all sorts. Fancy-schmancy or board games and burgers. Which is my fancy-schmancy.

*available online and at select retailers nationwide

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