Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An update for when I'm old.

Okay, I'm sorry for the long update to everyone on the happenings at our house! Actually it's an update for me to look back on years down the road. I need to be better about documenting these precious years with Little Mister. And this blog feels like the place to do it. So consider yourself warned... this post is a peek inside our home life.

I swear this child is doing something for the first time each day. I tried to brush his teeth earlier and he screamed, "NO MOM!!!" which is new for us. He doesn't really speak in sentences. Especially when he's frustrated. Sunday over breakfast, he casually said, "Thank you, Mom" when I set his breakfast down in front of him. It was the sweetest sound ever.                                                                          
Of course, as with most toddlers, he makes some not so sweet sounds, too. When he gets frustrated at something and can't figure out how to verbally express himself, he just grunts or screams. Loudly. It can be quite deafening. But overall, he's a happy little dude.                                                                  
Although he loves watching golf and football - and learning to swing his club/kick a ball - he also happens to know choreography for more than one Wiggles song. I have to admit, this kid's got rhythm. He can "Rock-a-bye Your Bear" like nobody's business. But for Mister's sake, I hope he takes more of an interest in sports than kick-ball-changes and shuffle-steps.

He loves to run. Fast. If I turn my head to say hello to the neighbor, it's highly likely I'll turn back around to see him halfway down the sidewalk, arms out screaming, "Birrrrrr" at the pigeons he's about to scare. Or whatever they are.

Okay, that's enough for now. Don't be surprised if there's another one of these in the not-so-distant future. I can't trust my brain to recall these mushy memories when I'm old.

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