Wednesday, August 10, 2011

misSOni EXCITED about Missoni for Target

Little Ms. Marina at all the way up here brings us (or just me if I'm late on this info) some too-good-to-be-true news. Missoni is set to debut their new 400 piece line for Target on September 13th! Am I the only one out there giddy with glee, day dreaming of the glorious morning I show up 30 minutes early, eager for those red Target doors to open and clouds to part, revealing a completely in-stock and fantastically affordable Missoni selection????  I apologize for my excitement, but I've been in love with a certain Missoni throw for a while now. However, my spending habits have gone from splurging unnecessarily to spending almost all my "me" money on one handsome, little toddler. It may not be the one I've had my eye on, but getting my hands (and my funds) on any one of those iconic zig-zag throws will do just fine. 

See a sneak peak of the goodies coming our way next month!

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