Monday, August 15, 2011

splendid all over again...

again & again could quite possibly be Dallas's most beloved, one-of-a-kind, vintage furniture and accessories shop. Owner, Leslie Pritchard, recently opened her new doors in the Dallas Design District, now giving upcycling junkies two options for shopping again & again's selection of timeless treasures.

I first met Pritchard several years ago after purchasing a mid-century coffee table from her shop on Bonita. The perfect size for a bench, I immediately knew I had finally found just the right addition for my entry way...with a few adjustments. That's where Pritchard and her highly skilled team swooped in to help. 

Me: I think I want to lacquer this a shiny, bright white. 
Them: We can do that for you!
Me: And I think I want a tufted, upholstered cushion with piping to go on top.
Them: We've got tons of fabric samples and can even place the order for you!
Me: This is awesome.

Turk's Pisces
Print in
What started out as a quick glance inside this quaint, little house (turned-marketplace for decades-old decor and more) had just morphed into my ideal afternoon. As I looked through dozens of upholstery books, I kept coming back to Trina Turk's indoor/outdoor line. Pritchard was delighted to provide some expert advice and steered me in the direction of Turk's Pisces print in Driftwood. After quoting a price for labor and paint (which was very reasonable), she took measurements of the bench and recommended dimensions for the cushion, which I loved. Based on those dimensions, she placed an order for two and a half yards of fabric. Side note: I think she was just as excited about my little design project as I was - which made the experience all the more splendid. Another side note: Upcycling furniture is addicting. 

All-a-flutter over my new purchase, my mind held me hostage, forcing me to scour my house and hunt down something else in desperate need of new life. It didn't take long. I knew just the place -  our guest bedroom closet. Bingo. Upon returning to pick up my light-brown coffee table (now a glossy, glam white), I brought a couple things with me - a pair of (barfy brown-colored) horse head bookends and a large, wooden pineapple (also a barfy shade of brown, but with an added coat of gold spray-paint just to take it that extra, ugly mile.) Just like the week before, Pritchard was happy to assist with color selection...white paint for the bookends and lemon yellow for the pineapple.  
Within one little month - my fabric arrived, the cushion was custom ordered and all of my dandies were painted shades of lovely and bright. Flash forward to today...they're still my very favorite accents in our home.  And if I were a betting woman (I play Texas Hold 'Em with coins but I don't think that counts) I would put money this: anything purchased at again & again will be your favorite piece in the home, too. Whether in excellent or gently-loved condition, all of Pritchard's pieces have great bone structure, stylish lines and will look fabulous in your home as-is or with a minor face-lift of paint, upholstery or new hardware. 

Make sure to check out their spacious new diggs in the Dallas Design District!  Want deals and steals? Check out their page on facebook and become a fan!

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