Wednesday, August 24, 2011

to your health...

thirst quencher
let's cheers, shall we? to our health. loosing it, all be it temporarily, has been a huge reminder to live each day to the fullest, not taking an ounce of it for granted.

our entire household was hit the stomach bug over the weekend. i'll spare you details, because i know you little lovelies can conjure up plenty of (unsightly) images all on  your own. myself, mr. and little mister all suffered through several days of unpleasant discomfort. i finally feel back to normal today. praise God!

this post is my reminder. to live each day with a grateful heart - for my health and the health of loved ones. i have a new determination not to take it for granted. with this being said...i have a sneaking suspicion that in a day or two, i'll be back to making the same old excuses for not exercising, not being mindful of what i put in my body...not embracing the awesome fact that i'm able-bodied to tackle those projects around the house i deem "heavy lifting" - sigh.  this is discouraging. but He who is in GREAT!

dear heavenly Father, 
thank you for blessing me and my family with our health...and thank you for those times that remind us not to take this gift for granted. please help us to live with an awareness that the health You've given us so generously enables us to do amazing things. please empower us to take full advantage of our abilities and strive towards greatness through your strength...

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