Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: The Hidden List

Kelley McCarter Copeland is passionate about being "in the know".  She shares her insight, inspiration and passion for finding all things exceptional on her blog, The Hidden List.

What inspired you to start THL?  Where do you find your hidden gems?

My friends always call me when they need a recommendation for a great restaurant or the perfect gift.  I started reading blogs a few years ago and thought that this would be a great way to share my ideas and journal all of the cool things I find.  I'm a voracious reader of blogs, magazines and inspirational books of all kinds.  I find new interesting things every day just by being aware of my surroundings and always being willing to dig a little deeper to find that special hidden treasure no one else cared about.

on your playlist:
The Civil Wars - love them!
in your purse: my hobo wallet, Tory Burch sunglasses, Bobbi Brown lip pencils and glosses and sometimes my camera

on your nails:  always an American manicure

in your fridge:  tons of whatever fruit is in season and Whole Foods flavored sparkling waters

on your to-do list:  clean out my closet and do a major wardrobe reduction, create an office/studio in the extra bedroom, purchasing a custom-made pillow from The Pillow Bar, buy fabric for my custom-made headboard

beside your bed:
my Bible, iphone charger,
bio oil and bottle of water
your go-to outfit for summer:  comfortable casual dresses...the coolest thing to wear in the Texas heat

current state of mind: hopeful

spot for a steal:  For cool clothing, Cotton Hearts in McKinney - Dorie always has a bargain basket with great stuff!; For my home, all thrift stores and flea markets - There's always a treasure to be found

window-shopping: Barney's New York, at NorthPark, and all Anthropologie stores - all inspirational
coffee table book: 
Jan Shower's
 "Glamorous Rooms"
and "Decorate"
by Holly Becker and

most marked characteristic:  my passion for staying young at heart

1 thing few people know about you:  I can't, nor have I ever been able to, turn a cartwheel.  My mom can't either...I think it's hereditary

dreaming of: another trip to Paris 

your de-stree recipe:  a hot bubble bath

your ideal evening: Listening to great live music in a small venue with someone you love

beverage of choice:  jasmine iced green tea

most overused word or phrase:  Mine?  I think I say "cool' a lot...

your "it" design color
of the moment:

biggest source of inspiration:  all creative people who take risks and follow their heart

5 words that describe you:  Thankful, Informative, Creative, Unique, Curious

favorite design blog:  sfgirlbybay started my blog obsession and still continues to be one of my favorites

favorite quote:  "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

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