Thursday, November 3, 2011

sincere thanks + street style

And now for some Sartorialist inspiration...from the stylish streets abroad. All this street style gets me thinking I should retire my usual "grocery store, post office, Walgreens" uniform of sweats and t-shirts. I may not have glamourous errands to run, but it wouldn't hurt to feel glamourous while scoping out the best sale on toothpaste every now and then, would it? 

smoke-break style on the streets of london

mother & daughter perfection in paris
a serpentine silhouette in milan

ladylike lovely in paris

Maybe high heels and hats are a bit much for a trip to Target, but I could at least put on something that doesn't have an elastic waste band. 

And now in unrelated news, I have a HUGE SINCERE THANK YOU to announce...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the fabulous ladies over at reFINEstyle. ACS was just recently featured on their blog, The Style Book! Their musings, moments and must haves will be your new "must have" morning read...enjoy!

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