Thursday, November 3, 2011

trending tribal

trending tribal

Don't get me wrong. I love being a boy mom. I love that our house is littered with miniature golf clubs, plastic trucks and evidence of backyard explorations. I love that I know how to get sidewalk chalk and mud out of hair, ears, eyes...and teeth, for that matter. I love that life with Mr. and Little Mister is far less feminine than my single years. 

But every now and then I miss my girlier days...and by every now and then, I mean those times when I'm on the edge of losing it after trying on 5 different outfits - all of which I hate, scurrying around in mismatched shoes deciding which one is best, sweating and wondering how it suddenly got so hot in the bathroom, running 45 minutes late to an event that my husband wasn't all that thrilled to go to in the first place and now he's found some game on ESPN12 between teams no one's heard of but it beats making small talk with strangers so now he really doesn't want to go and neither do I, given I'm in a robe, skivvies, two different heels an oversized necklace I just had to have but can't figure out what to wear it with...oy vey...please just humor me and say you can relate. Living with girls is like having a full time staff of stylists on call 24/7. No problem (or wardrobe crisis) is too big for my fashionable friends. 

So what's a boy mom to do? Turn to her new bestie, Polyvore, and put that outfit in question on paper. Or urgent email to previously mentioned stylists. Or...on your blog. Boom. We're back in business, ladies. 

Stylish and chic and mother of two (boys), Anna of A Newfound Treasure has one treasure, in particular, that's been in her closet for weeks. Now judging by her fabulous blog and eye for all things fashionable, I doubt she has the same kind of wardrobe dilemmas that seems to come fairly regularly for me. Hey, I just like confirmation that I either look smashing or so scary that you wouldn't be seen with me at CVS. But I get the feeling Anna simply wants to pose a fun challenge and see what of finery her readers impressively find.

Our mission? Match her tribal treasure with your own personal sense of (unbeatable) style. Email it to Anna at anewfoundtreasure {at} hotmail {dot} com. Oh and comment below with a link to your Polyvore perfection so I can see what you talented lovlies put together!

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