Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beauty and the best...

...the best of what I've found out there, that is. Mind you - I'm no beauty product expert. But I'm constantly on the search for great, new finds - and I can't go into CVS (for cleaning supplies) without leaving $50 in the hole on make-up or nail polish. So, a beautician I am not. But a (rather ridiculous) consumer of anti-aging/thickening/polishing/brightening/anti-acne/this will make you look 10 years younger beauty products, I most certainly am.

So...without further adeiu, I must tell you about my new favorite, scandalous mascara.

Scandal'Eyes by Rimmel London.

I love it. And since I like mascara (like, as in, like putting on more than I should, perhaps) and my lashes don't clump when I go back for that unneccessary, second coat, I'm all over it. The brush is big. Almost so much that it gave me a bad first impression. But after using it just once, I knew I was hooked.

You should try it. And for the sake of showing off my rationalization did just put forth a rather hefty 2 minutes of cranial effort to get through my wordy review. You deserve it.

And thank you for letting me share my excitement about over my new beauty find! I know before too long, I'll have another mascara that I'm thrilled about, but I'm certain that Scandal'Eyes will forever be in my top 5.

Okay, beauties. All for now...I'm off to bed!

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