Monday, February 27, 2012

Sissy's Southern Kitchen & simply splendid vintage

mom in '74  & me at Sissy's Southern Kitchen

Thank goodness my mom held onto this most cherished little dress of mine. Or hers, I should say. And is it weird that I've named her Ruby? Yes. Regardless, Ruby made her debut in the photo above at my dad's 10 year high school reunion. Fast forward 30 years to her closet...hunting for treasure. Blammo! What a treasure, indeed! I love this dress. I look for excuses to wear it. But on Friday night, no excuse was necessary - it was the perfect dress for dressing "in my southern best" for Sissy's Southern Kitchen's Grand Opening Party. (And by the way, I think my mom wore it best!!)

On a side note, Dallas locals…I can't say enough about the mouth watering food served that night. I couldn't stop eating the crab cakes, deviled eggs, spare ribs…and perhaps the best fried chicken I've ever had. You must stop in at Sissy's…it's simply splendid.

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