Friday, March 2, 2012

Anyone in Dallas wanna buy a home?

We're putting our house on the market, and my back aches. I wasn't prepared for the prep work needed to make a home ready for the world of MLS. When is the last time you cleaned out your bathroom drawers? Or the pots & pans cabinet? Or the laundry room? Or that musty space under the deck where who-knows-what is lurking? It's eye opening. I'd rather be at the dentist.

A. We clean our house every week.

B. We're sanitary.

C. After what I saw, I was disgusted with myself. Mostly for the amount of dust and grime, and a little for the amount of huffing and puffing required from cleaning places and things that (clearly) get overlooked.

D. One could assume (correctly) that a couple spots in the house hadn't been cleaned since we moved in.

E. And I seriously swear...we clean the house every week. Mister is a bit of a neat-o cleaner.

F. I sincerely hope by the time we move again, we'll be silly rich and can hire someone to come in and do all this for us. And for the record, if I am ever silly rich, I would very much like to hand it out - Dumb & Dumber style...when they're in Asssssspen.

We had to take photos to post on our listing...and I played around with a couple of them. I'm easily amused by with the app store.

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